A Harvest of Benefits: How Zogics is Championing CSAs in its Work-From-Anywhere Culture

Paul Raphael LeBlanc
3 min readJun 29, 2023


Subsidized CSA helps Zogics employees enjoy fresh vegetables while supporting local farmers

In an increasingly digital age, the concept of a ‘workplace’ is evolving rapidly. At Zogics, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the work-from-anywhere model, liberating our employees from the constraints of a traditional office setting. It has not only unlocked new heights of productivity but has also given us a unique challenge: How do we continue to nurture community engagement and employee wellness in this dispersed, digital landscape?

The answer, we found, is in our roots — quite literally!

We’ve taken a step that marries the old with the new, by integrating Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) into our employee benefits program. For those unfamiliar, a CSA is a system in which consumers support their local farmers by paying upfront for a share of their harvest. Once the growing season begins, shareholders are rewarded with regular bounties of fresh, locally grown produce.

Zogics employees picking up their CSA shares at the farmer’s market

For the past few years, our company has offered a stipend covering half the cost of these CSA shares, and it’s become a cornerstone of our employee wellness initiative. Despite our team being scattered across different regions, this program serves as a shared experience, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Our employees have not only benefited from the nutritious, farm-fresh produce, but they’ve also had the opportunity to support local agriculture in their respective communities. It’s a win-win that cultivates community engagement, promotes healthy eating, and supports sustainability.

Adding a dedicated Slack channel for our employees to share CSA-inspired recipes has further solidified this sense of community. The channel buzzes with the vibrant colors and fresh aromas of home-cooked meals, bridging the physical gap between our team members and fostering camaraderie and connection.

CSA Slacks from Zogics employees

In the age of remote work, it’s easy to overlook the importance of local community engagement. But at Zogics, we believe that empowering our employees to connect with their local communities is just as crucial as equipping them with the tools to work efficiently from home.

For any companies looking to add value to their remote work policies, a CSA stipend could be a great place to start. It’s not just an investment in the health of your employees; it’s an investment in the health of their communities too.

Let’s make the future of work not just productive, but also healthy, sustainable, and community-focused. After all, a thriving community makes for thriving employees, and thriving employees make for a thriving company.

To good health and strong communities,


CEO, Zogics

An example of a CSA bounty Zogics employees enjoy thanks to farmers like Molly Comstock in MA


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Paul Raphael LeBlanc

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